Hasdai Westbrook

Founder + CEO

Variously described as “ChangeMonger-in-Chief,” “dreamer and schemer,” and “evil genius for good,” Hasdai is deeply committed to helping visionary organizations harness the power of new media for social change. He was born in London at the Royal Free Hospital, which he understands to mean a hospital entirely free of royals, and raised in London, Jerusalem, Vienna and various points in between. Hasdai served as editor and publisher of New Voices magazine and as Digital Communications Manager for the JFN Funders Network. As a journalist and writer his work has appeared in numerous publications including The Nation, The Washington Post, The American Prospect, The Baltimore Sun, and the Huffington Post, covering everything from locust swarms in Sudan and sex-crazed drug warriors in Indiana to apocalypse-hunting evangelicals in Jericho and nuclear terrorism in Coney Island.

An enthusiastic passport collector, Hasdai became a U.S. citizen on the 4th of July and is a fierce patriot with little to no interest in soccer. He has interned with the Park Rangers, transformed a derelict lot into a flourishing urban farm as co-founder of Exeter Gardens, and is trying to make textiles sing as co-founder of the Synesthesia Musical Loom Project at the Baltimore Node Makerspace. He has been carjacked in Baltimore but still loves it. His goal in life was to be a pirate, but he gets sea-sick.


Robyn Stegman

Director of Design + Development

Robyn has been creating digital tools, campaigns, and programs to empower changemakers since before it was cool. Her first social change campaign was organizing a student strike in protest of the unfair conditions in her third grade classroom. She went on to found Geeks for Good – an organization that matches nonprofits with tech savvy volunteers – and work with a broad range of mission-driven organizations including AmeriCorps VISTA, George Washington University, and Bloomberg Philanthropies. She dreams of someday being so fantastically rich that she can hire a team of scientists to bio-engineer a dinosaur theme park. Until then she is content bringing her other wild schemes to life like creating a Baltimore-themed mobile miniature golf course and creating a website to make it easier for Michigan-expats to find Vernor’s ginger ale.


Christina Moore

Lead Consultant

Christina Moore has brought her skills to various community and economic development projects across the country, producing original research and writing exploring innovative economic development models, from the creation of food innovation districts in low-income communities to building tech entrepreneurship skills in inner city youth. She has a B.A. in Urban Economic Development and an M.A. in Real Estate Development.


Cinnamon Janzer

Digital Content Manager

Cinnamon is a writer, editor, and designer. Her work has been featured in FastCo.Exist, GOOD.is, and more and has been cited in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Cinnamon holds a MA in Social Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a BA in Cultural Anthropology and Fine Art from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.


Veronika Volkov

Web Developer/Graphic Designer

A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art and Carver Center of Arts and Technology, Veronika is both a talented graphic designer and front-end web developer. Her primary web development experience is with the WordPress platform in creating user-friendly and visually engaging websites.


Ian Logsdon

Social Media Manager

Ian cut his teeth doing social media outreach and media relations during the 2011 Occupy movement in Baltimore. He holds a bachelors in History and Political Science from UMBC and a Masters in Nonprofit Management from Notre Dame of Maryland. He likes to spend his free time arguing on the Internet and gardening.


Rachel K

Social Media Manager

Rachel is a foul-mouthed kook with an unholy penchant for alcoholic gelatin and spangled unitards. An unapologetic lover of Baltimore, she is the co-founder of the B’Eatmore Pie Fest, an active member of the community performance art group Fluid Movement, and an aspiring cat lady.