About Us

ChangingMedia was founded to provide mission-driven organizations with the tools to find their voice and tell their story in the digital age. We are a creative agency that helps visionary institutions, programs and projects harness the power of new media to create real change. You bring the engine; we’ll bring the rocket fuel.


Our approach is always to put people, not technology or jargon, at the center of our work. The digital landscape has become as important to fostering connection and a sense of inclusion as physical space. The online and the offline are merging, the work of the community organizer and the media expert are becoming one, and no world-class institution can fulfill its ambitions without a strong and engaging media and outreach strategy.


Whether your goal is more funding, more members, more recognition, or more impact, we empower you through innovative storytelling, design, strategy, and use of technology. Though every client and project is unique, our four main areas of focus are organizational communications strategy and creating and designing strategic campaigns, providing extra project-based or day-to-day capacity in implementing content strategies, social media outreach and data analytics, web design and development, and video production. Contact us through our online form or at info@changingmediagroup.com, or call us at 443-826-9516 to learn more.