Strategic Communications

How does vision become action? Strategic Communications is a comprehensive approach to media and engagement that empowers your voice and vision in an ever-shifting environment. Whether crafting a specific campaign or designing an overall organizational strategy, we work closely with changemakers to define goals and identify assets, and to create clear timelines, messages, action items, social media capacity, content and storytelling infrastructure, and measurable indicators of progress, among many other factors. Be it raising funds, reaching out, or winning hearts and minds, we can empower you to achieve your most important goals. We have created, managed and implemented media and outreach campaigns, communications strategies and services for organizations across many sectors such as education, health, culture, advocacy and direct services, including the Baltimore Office of Sustainability, Baltimore City Public Schools, Waterfront Partnership, Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts (BOPA), the Brennan Center for Justice and the Autodesk Foundation.

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