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Homelessness, Have You Heard of it?

Do you know the kinship you feel when someone mentions your favorite obscure band, or makes a reference to a movie you thought you were the only person to have ever seen? That feeling that someone else stumbled onto this … read more


An Immodest Proposal: A Better Bet for Warren Buffett

The trouble with poverty is that there’s no money in it. Unlike, say, NCAA basketball – a business worth almost a billion dollars a year. And though Warren Buffett’s cash was safe long before UConn cut down the nets on … read more


America still smokes. Just under 20 percent of us are regular cigarette smokers, although there is a lot of variation by gender and race (higher among men, lower among Asian Americans, for instance). This is not a post about the … read more


Are You A Soul Food Junkie?

What are you doing this Sunday? I have the good fortune to be moderating a terrific panel on food justice with a city councilman, a celebrated urban farmer, a vegan soul goddess, a champion in the war against hunger, and … read more

Zoning Laws Outlaw Peanut Butter

I have a friend who raves about the fried peanut butter and jelly you can order at Rocket to Venus in Hampden. I’m sure she’ll get me to try it one day, but I have a hard time believing they … read more

Our Beliefs, Our Health

Monday’s issue of JAMA Internal Medicine included results of a survey about American’s perceptions about health interventions and medical practices. Half of all Americans, according to JAMA, believe in one or more medical conspiracy theories, such as the autism/vaccination connection and … read more


The Rundown

In a deviation from the biweekly rant and rave on one thing in the world of planning, TheGoodPlan is pleased to present a current rundown of … well, several things in the world of planning: Lexington Market The world famous … read more


ChangingMedia Proud to Sponsor Purim Pandemonium

ChangingMedia is proud and delighted to be an official sponsor of Purim Pandemonium: Art Comes Alive! Come celebrate the carnival of mischief and chaos dressed as your favorite work of art, sip Artinis with the Mona Lisa … … an Apple … read more

End Homelessness in the Kitchen

My first job was providing crying kids sticky peppermint ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. I earned less than six dollars an hour and I left each day smelling like waffle cones, but I can still craft the perfect double scoop … read more

Sucker Born Every Minute

Occasionally there are stories that finally help you connect and ground thoughts swirling around in your head. A RadioLab piece on the game show called “Golden Balls“ did that for me this week. In the show, contestants are faced with … read more